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Doubling Up

After not eating any burgers for almost an entire month, I book ended my juice cleanse by eating 2 burgers. And not just any burgers – 2 double stacked burgers. What can I say? I was making up for lost time. 

The night before the cleanse, we stopped into Lucky’s Last Chance in Manayunk. I feel bad for Manayunk because city people never want to come out there because it’s “too far”. (I live there so I feel kind of slighted by it, because then I feel like I’m too far for everyone. /sadface) Lucky’s is a fairly new spot – having opened earlier this year – that serves up awesome burgers, hot dogs & a great craft beer selection. I decided to go with the Bacon, Egg N Cheese Burger.

Bacon Egg N Cheese Burger

Now, all their burgers come standard with 2 patties, but you can get a “junior” with one patty. (Kind of like the ‘Little Hamburger’ option at Five Guys.) I went for the double: go big or go home, I say! I wasn’t asked how I wanted it cooked, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It came on a deliciously soft Liscios Bakery roll and I opted for out-of-this-world onion strings on the side. The meat was still really hot when I bit into it, so even if they were trying to go for medium well, it was continuing to cook well after it was on my plate. It also wasn’t very juicy, so I’m guessing they probably used some kind of ground chuck blend? But the bun was the perfect size, holding all the toppings in nicely.


There was definitely room for improvement. If I had been given the option to have it cooked to order, I think that would have been better. Also, a better meat blend. The website says all the patties are hand formed, so maybe just flattening them out a bit more would have helped eliminate the hot spot in the middle of the burger. All in all, I would give it a “C+”. 

A few days after the cleanse, we went to Alla Spina who just added a double decker burger to their menu called “The Burgamo“, which is built like an imitation style Big Mac, except using a LaFrieda meat blend and an in-house baked potato bun. Again, I wasn’t asked how I wanted it cooked (and maybe this is a thing because I’m getting 2 patties?) but the patties were thinner then at Lucky’s so more on the “well done” side. 

The Burgamo – Belissimo!  

I loved the concept, but I think the execution needs to be tweaked just a bit. While I loved the pickles, there were kind of a lot of pickles. The “special sauce” was a little too vinegary for my liking and I thought it could have had a creamery consistency if they were trying to replicate the McD’s special sauce element. I also thought maybe it could have used another slice of cheese. Overall, I gave it a “B”.

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