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National Food Day

Yesterday was National Food Day, and as part of promoting well, food, the Philly Mobile Food Association hosted a pop-up inside the courtyard of City Hall. Usually relegated to the space across the street in LOVE Park, this was the first time Food Trucks actually set up shop on City Hall’s property in what vendors hope will be a new spot where they can serve the public and hopefully bring attention to the growing popularity of food trucks in order to get Philly’s archaic mobile vending laws changed.

I decided to check out the Street Food Philly truck because they’re kind of elusive (They don’t even have a Twitter account, guys!). They post their location on Facebook and are usually set up around Drexel/U-City, which is hard for me to get to for lunch during the week. Their menu also changes daily so there’s always something new to try.

I decided to go with the Local Dry Aged Burger and the Sea Salt fries, obviously.

The burger took a while to cook, but that gave me time to check out what everyone else was getting. The brisket cheesesteak tacos didn’t really look so hot but they’re were flying out the window, along with the lentils & braised pork. Finally, my burger was done and I took a seat in the courtyard to enjoy my meal.

The burger came on a pretzel bun (because, Philadelphia) and was topped with white american cheese & a housemade mayo. I was really excited about the bun at first, but it kind of made everything too salty. Once I isolated the burger itself, it was actually pretty tasty. I tried putting some of the homemade ketchup on it but it was a fail. My big problem with some homemade ketchups is that they can either taste really good or taste like marinara sauce; this one was the latter. Since I’m not into putting Ragu on my burgers, I ate it sans my favorite condiment.

There was a lot of bun left in the end since it was so big, but I appreciated that the bun was kind of woven like a braided pretzel as opposed to some other pretzel buns that are just a roll and split. It fell apart in the right places and it’s thickness helped hold in all the juicy goodness from the meat.

The sea salt fries were ok but they were obviously frozen, cafeteria style fries. (I’m sure my cholesterol was through the roof with all the sodium I had that day!) And paired with the house ketchup, I could barely even finish eating them. I think my other problem with the ketchup was that it was cold. If it had been room temp and maybe a little sweeter, it might have been better. Either way, I think Street Food Philly is a solid addition to the Food Truck scene here and I hope to get the chance to try some more of their stuff in the future.

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I'm just a girl, standing in front of some food, and then shoving it into my face. Eating everything that comes across my path and then sharing my thoughts with the masses. Email me at asideofketchup[at]

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