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Tir Na Nog? *tear* Nah, no.

While trying to find a bite to eat after the recent Philadelphia Marathon, we decided to head on into Tir Na Nog, because who doesn’t love hanging out at an Irish bar before noon on a Sunday? I told myself I wasn’t going to get a burger since I am going on a cruise in less than a month and trying to get “bikini ready”. (I love how I throw around that phrase like it means something. I don’t think anyone is ever bikini ready.) But… everyone else got burgers and I didn’t wanna be the non-burger weirdo, so I opted for the TNN burger: Angus Beef, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Sirrachi Ketchup, Bacon, Frizzled Onions on a brioche bun.

I’d already set my expectations low seeing as 1) it’s an Irish pub on the parkway and 2) it was listed on the menu as $15; WAAAAAAAAY too much money for a pub burger with nothing special on it. Naturally, the bun fell apart as soon as I began eating. There were about maybe 2 “frizzled onions” and despite being requested to be cooked medium, it was definitely more on the medium well side. (That factor I’m unfortunately starting to get used to.)

Burger rating: “D”. Save your $15 and go get a better burger somewhere else – like Hickory Lane, whose massive patty is well worth the price tag.

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  1. I see you have! *grin* I’ve spent a lot of time in Philadelphia on business and I never found a good burger. About the best thing I had was an Italian hoagie from Primo.


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