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Epic Mealtime

So, in case you were living under a rock for the past week, a local “crazy” burger joint here in Philadelphia named P.Y.T. put a bacon shell taco burger on their “burger of the week” menu that made the news everywhere from MSN to the Huffington Post.

The caveat was that they were only making 20 of these bad boys a day and naturally, I had to have one. So my friend and I got up at what we thought would be early enough on a Saturday (11:30) and headed on over to PYT only to find out there was only ONE BACON SHELL TACO BURGER remaining!!

So we decided to split it.

They told us it would take about 20 minutes since making a taco shell out of a bunch of bacon strips is not an easy or quick task, which was fine. And then, it arrived in all its bacon-y glory.

It was surprisingly not as greasy as we had expected. And the bacon was crunchy and flavorful. But we were actually glad there was only one left because after a few bites, we were kind of over it. There was barely any meat in the taco shell for the “burger” – a patty perhaps the size of a slider – and when I was taking my bites, I was worried that I might eat the whole burger before my friend actually got a chance to taste it.

Was it the best thing I’d ever eaten? Definitely not. But the novelty of a bacon shell taco was at least worth trying once.

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I'm just a girl, standing in front of some food, and then shoving it into my face. Eating everything that comes across my path and then sharing my thoughts with the masses. Email me at asideofketchup[at]

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