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D.C. Eats

I took a little road trip this weekend to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.! Goal #1 was to get white girl wasted for my birthday (accomplished in spades) and goal #2 was to eat a whole bunch of deliciousness and tell you about it. So here we go!

Saturday Brunch: Busboys and Poets

This was pretty much the coolest brunch spot I’ve been to in a while. Big and roomy with a hip staff – and a menu with Gandhi and MLK jr on the cover. I opted for the Oaxaca omelette (pronounced: wah-haw-kah) with black beans, cheese, pico de gallo and guacamole, served with whole-wheat toast and home fries, since I’m a sucker for anything mexican/tex-mex.

Saturday lunch: Oyamel

Touted as “authentic and creative mexican cuisine” – which it admittedly was – it was also secretly just an overpriced Mexican tapas place. I got the “Costilla de res con salsa verde”: Braised short ribs with a tangy green sauce of cilantro, parsley and garlic and the “Cachetes de puerco con camote:
Negra Modelo braised Kurobuta pork cheeks with sweet potato, habañero pepper, onion, cilantro and spiced pecans”

The pork cheeks were just melt in your mouth amazing, although I’m not sure the sweet potato creme or the whole THREE pecans on my plate really added anything extra to the dish.

The short ribs were nice and succulent, cooked to medium rare and so tender, it cut like butter. The salsa verde, while giving the meat a nice appearance on the plate, didn’t really enhance the dish but it didn’t really take away from it either, I suppose.

Late night Saturday post-club grub: Black & Orange burger

I really wanted to get a nice, delicious, greasy, sloppy burger to sop up all the alcohol from the evening so we cabbed it over to Black & Orange around 1:30 AM (It’s open til 5 AM on the weekend; something completely unheard of in Philadelphia). Went with their standard burger, known as the welterweight; a 1/4 lb patty on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato & I added cheddar and avocado for an extra $2.

Looks great, doesn’t it? It was the biggest let down of the entire trip. The bun was basically stale. The burger patty was so small that I finished eating it and still nearly half the bun left in my hand when I realized I’d run out of meat. The fries were totally tasteless. I guess they just expect people to be extremely wasted when they come in here and not care about flavor or that their burger is practically the size of a slider. Not sure how this place stays in business. I was almost tempted to go to the McDonald’s across the street because I was left empty and dissatisfied.

Hopefully I’ll take another trip to D.C.  in the near future and get a better taste of what the town has to offer, food-wise.


And of course, what road trip to the south would be complete without a stop at the Waffle house on the way home? (Chocolate chip waffles FTW!)

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I'm just a girl, standing in front of some food, and then shoving it into my face. Eating everything that comes across my path and then sharing my thoughts with the masses. Email me at asideofketchup[at]

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