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Make Plan B Burger your Plan A

Every now and again when I’m visiting my parents, I’m able to convince them that we should go out to eat – and they never go out to eat (eating out was pretty much a luxury when I was growing up). We’d been wanting to check out this burger place that had opened near their house last year, Plan B Burger Bar, which currently has six locations in Connecticut but are planning on expanding to Atlanta, DC, Chicago & Boston according to their website. On top of having an array of fancy burgers on the menu, there’s also a pretty extensive beer list (including big bottles and mini kegs) and bourbon list (Pappy Van Winkle 20 year for only $29.50! I was totally tempted to get some, but my parents would have flipped at a drink that cost half of our entire meal).

You’re only given two options for how you want your burger done: some pink or no pink, as their burgers are made from 100% fresh, wet-aged ground chuck that is hand-ground daily. I ordered my with some pink, and opted for the Baja burger – which comes topped with avocado, tomato, jack cheese, lettuce, jalapenos and a chipotle spread. I asked for no jalapenos because I am a big wimp when it comes to hot/spicy things. My dad got “The Squeeler” – which only comes “no pink”, as the meat is a mixture of 1/2 pork, 1/2 beef, and my mom opted for the 3 Shrooms, topped with sauteed mushrooms and a portabella spread. They also opted to upgrade to a pretzel bun, while I stuck with a standard, kaiser-style roll.

The burger came with a side of fries and a pickle, but there were also almost a dozen other sides you could choose from for an extra charge, ranging from onion rings to disco fries. (The table next to us got onion rings; they came stacked like a tower and looked so amazing!) The burger itself was pretty tasty, nice and fresh. And you could tell the meat had just been hand ground – the patty was kind of misshaped, and grilled what seems similar to Smashburger style as it wasn’t hand-formed and packed like most patties. This also meant that as I kept eating, pieces of my burger would fall off onto my plate, but the bun kept everything else inside nice and intact.

Just as I was nearing the end of my delicious burger adventure, I took a bite and my mouth was on fire! Yes, they’d held the jalapenos but I’d forgotten about the chipotle spread. I guess I had just assumed it would be some kind of zesty, chipotle mayo kind of topping but I was wrong! I chugged my water and my beer, trying to ease the pain. My poor tongue was burning up!  However, this gave me an opportunity to try some of my dad’s burger (which was very tasty and reminded me of the bacon burger at Royal Tavern that I had a few months back, and the pretzel bun was nice and soft) and I let my mom have the final bite of my “inferno meat” since she’d been upset that she couldn’t add “something with heat” to her burger as a topping (She definitely enjoyed the chipotle spread much more than I did).

The rest of the menu features a variety of beef, veggie and chicken burgers and even a burger flight with salmon, beef and chicken sliders.  There’s so many great combinations that it makes me want to find excuses to go home again and try them all! And you should too if you ever find yourself in the Nutmeg State!

Burger Rating: “B”

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  1. The presentation of these burgers is spectacular. Looks awesome. If I ever get up that way I’ll put this on my list.

  2. My gosh…I could soooo go for a burger!! All three of your burgers sounded awesome, especially your “inferno meat”! By the way, this is Tim (a.k.a the Burgervore, now the Hungryman). Just wanted to stop by and read about some of your latest burger escapades.

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