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The Devil in Me

Since it’s Halloween time (and tonight just so happens to be Mischief night), I decided to stay on theme and check out two “devilish” burgers at two aptly named bars: Devil’s Alley and Devil’s Den.

First up: Devil’s Alley – Instead of opting for their namesake Devil Burger which is topped with onion rings AND french fries, I kept it a little more low key with the guacamole, bacon & cheddar burger (editor’s note: and by ‘low key” I mean really hungover). The guacamole however, looked like it’d been sitting out for a while and was kind of brown and unappealing on top of my burger. The cheese was practically non-existent & the bun was super shiny. However, the burger itself was cooked perfectly pink on the inside and nice and charred on the outside; signs of a great bar burger. It was also a huge patty and completely proportional to the bun. Not once did I fear running out of bun or meat first and it held up with each bite.

Was it mind-blowingly amazing? For someone with a hangover, definitely. But otherwise, it was pretty basic. I’m definitely interested in going back and trying the Devil Burger on a regular/sober day to see how it compares.

Burger Rating: “C+”

Next, Devil’s Den’s House Burger: A brisket & short rib blend topped with lettuce, tomato & caramelized onions on a shiny, brioche bun. I opted to add cheddar and avocado for $1 more each to make it similar to the Devil’s Alley burger that I tried.

When the burger came out, I could already see the bottom bun sogging under all the juice of the meat. There was a ton of lettuce underneath the patty, probably trying to act as a “burger diaper”, but failing (WAY too much lettuce – I had to pluck some of it off because it was all hanging out the back of the bun). The burger was super succulent and cooked perfectly medium, but was otherwise forgettable; the brisket & short rib blend was practically flavorless. The avocado was fresh though, unlike the oxidized guac at Devil’s Alley. And I really liked the caramelized onion/cheddar topping combo. The fries came with a chipotle fry dipping sauce. I spread a little bit of that on the top bun but it was pretty bland and mayo-y; I didn’t get a kick from it at all.

Overall, the Devils’ Den burger was pretty much on par with Devil’s Alley: a decent bar burger, but nothing spectacular.

Burger rating: “C+”

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