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Heart of the Matter

About a year ago I dined at Local 44, which at the time was one of four bar/restaurants owned by the awesome team that also owns Memphis Taproom, Strangelove’s & Resurrection Ale House. Well, technically it’s still one of four bar/restaurants owned by that same awesome team, except Resurrection Ale House has since closed and another venture, Clarkville, is still in the works. Replacing Resurrection in the current rotation – but certainly not in our hearts – is Coeur (which coincidentally, is the French word for heart), located in the Bella Vista neighborhood. Keeping with the theme of its bar brethren, the focus is on craft beer and quality food. However, they’re also adding a touch of French-Canadian influence to the menu. Case in point: the Poutine burger, consisting of two patties topped with brown gravy, cheese curds, fried potato skins and tomato confit on a brioche bun.

The menu didn’t explicitly state that the burger was a double patty, so my eyes got real wide when I saw how big it was! Would I be able to tackle this monster? (Don’t worry! The patties are actually fairly thin, similar to The Good King Tavern, and they were cooked perfectly to medium even though I didn’t specify). Since I wasn’t super hungry, I was also worried that the gravy would be very heavy (thoughts of grandma’s thick gravy being slowly poured on Thanksgiving dinner danced through my head), weighing down the already hefty-sized burger. Thankfully, the gravy was light and tasty. The fried potato skins on top got a little soggy, but aren’t soggy carbs the best part of real poutine? There’s also some pickled onions and pickles underneath the bottom patty (also not mentioned on the menu), which give the burger a nice crunch to combat the sogginess. There was no way to beat the dreaded bottom bun sog here, but at least in this case it was expected. And since the patties are double stacked, the burger to bun ratio leaves you with more bun than meat – but that just gives you another vessel to soak up all the leftover gravy! This bad boy was definitely a two-hander for sure. Make sure to keep your napkin close by – it’s going to get messy (But what a delicious mess it was!)

Burger rating: “B+”

Like A Phoenix

Hawthornes Cafe is a Philly brunch & beer mainstay. Unfortunately about a year and a half ago, a devastating fire put them out of commission and left the Bella Vista neighborhood without one of their favorite bottle shops for almost a year. But like a phoenix, Hawthornes rose from the ashes and reopened better then ever this past spring – even becoming one of the first places in town to launch beer delivery! I stopped in on an unseasonably cold fall evening to warm up with a dark beer and one of their burgers. They have two options: the House burger, which is just your standard Angus beef patty topped with three-year aged Gouda and LTO, and the Hawthornes burger, topped with crumbled danish blue cheese, over easy egg, avocado & chipotle aioli. A fried egg AND avocado? Um yeah, I wanted that one!

The burger came out topped with a jiggly egg yolk just waiting to be cracked open. I smeared a little ketchup on the top of my brioche bun, pressed down and POP! Out oozed all that delicious yellow yolk. The patty was cooked perfectly to medium, the avocado was bright green and fresh, the chipotle aioli creamy with a kick, and the blue cheese crumbles gave the burger a nice, salty flavor without being overpowering like some blue cheese topped burgers I’ve had in the past. I used the bulk of the burger to sop up all the delicious yolk with every bite. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a burger that was so good I wanted to eat it again immediately afterwards. Everything about this burger was just perfection; a great treat on a chilly evening.

I’m glad to see that Hawthornes is back and thriving. You should check it out for yourself on Saturday, November 7th when they host their annual Fall Block Party. It’s a free event with fire pits, hay bales and of course – Beer! But make sure you hit the ATM beforehand as the event is cash only! Hope to see you guys there!

Burger rating: “A+”

Feeling Sassy

I’d been meaning to get over to Sassafras in Old City for a while now to check out their Tuesday “Luncheon Lunacy” special: Between Noon and 5 PM, their signature sirloin burger is only $5.95! Unfortunately, I work on the opposite side of the city and Tuesdays can get pretty hectic, so I hadn’t been able to pop out and make the trip until this week. The burger comes with your standard LTO (lettuce, tomato & onion) and your choice of fries or a salad. You can also add cheese for $1 more, so I went with sharp cheddar.

The burger came out cooked perfectly medium as requested, with lots of juicy blood drippings (mmm, morbidly delicious!). The patty was quite thick and just slightly smaller in circumference than the bun. I was able to navigate and keep the burger-to-bun ratio balanced though with each bite. The cheddar cheese was oozing and gooey and kept falling off the patty, so I just kept picking it up with my fork and adding it back on. I also smeared a little of the garlic aioli on the top of the bun to give it a little extra flavor. All in all, it was the perfect bar burger. No frills, no muss and all at an unbeatable price! They also have other burger patty options on their menu (which are not included in the lunch special) like lamb, bison and ostrich, which sounds totally wild! Factor in their amazing classic cocktail list and live jazz during the week, and I’ll definitely have to make a return trip.

Burger rating: “A”

Let The Good Times Roll!

I had the good fortune to get invited to a destination wedding in New Orleans earlier this year and jumped at the chance to go. I mean, with so many different cultural influences and cuisines, what better city is there for a food lover? So here’s just a sample of all the indulgences I partook in while on vacation:

First things first, no trip to New Orleans is complete without eating beignets at the famous Cafe du Monde. They’re also known for their unique coffee blended with chicory. Get it “Au Lait” (mixed with hot milk) or a frozen slushie version like I did, because it was HOT out!

The heat was leaving us quite thirsty, and since New Orleans is the birthplace of many of our “classic cocktails”, we decided to check out the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. We got some bar snacks & ordered the namesake drink – Sazerac – made with Rye whiskey, Peychaud’s bitters and herbsaint.

Oysters are another New Orleans staple. Raw, baked, grilled, charbroiled – doesn’t matter how you eat them, just as long as you do! We got some amazing wood-fired ones at Cochon. Don’t miss their signature pork dish, Louisiana Cochon. And make sure you save room for dessert – the fried banana split is to die for (which I paired with an excellent Black Maple Hill Rye from their extensive bourbon list)!

New Orleans is also the birthplace to Bananas Foster, a dessert made from bananas & vanilla ice cream and a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum & banana liqueur. We popped into The Ruby Slipper for brunch and I ordered up some delicious Bananas Foster french toast. Inspired by the most famous ruby slipper wearer in history (because “There’s no place like home!”), the owners of the Ruby Slipper started the restaurant as a way to welcome back to the city all those who were displaced during Hurricane Katrina and to show their gratitude for their city.

Of course, what kind of burger blogger would I be without testing out the local burger scene? The Company Burger is at the top of every NOLA’s best burger list so I went and checked it out. With a concept similar to Shake Shack, they also serve up hot dogs, milkshakes, beer and burgers. I opted for the namesake Company Burger: two patties cooked through topped with American cheese, housemade b&b pickles, and red onions on a toasted bun. I also got sweet potato fries and another Southern classic: pork rinds & pimento cheese.

So my last meal entry might not exactly be associated with New Orleans, but it is a New Orleans staple. Raising Cane’s chicken fingers is the official chicken of the New Orleans Saints football team and since Sunday was a game day, we had to partake. If you’re not familiar with Cane’s, it’s real simple: They serve fresh, never frozen chicken fingers, crinkle cut fries, coleslaw, texas toast and their own secret ingredient Cane sauce. We split a “Caniac” – a 6 piece box and honestly, I could have eaten a whole one myself. It’s just so good!

I hope you guys enjoyed the visual tour of my New Orleans trip and that bombarding you guys with all the delicious food I ate while I was away makes up for the posts that I missed. We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week (provided there’s not another foreign dignitary or a hurricane shutting down the city!)

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