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Zin-fully Delicious

While making a weekend trip to South Jersey – for Wegman’s, obviously – we decided to pop into Zinburger, which happened to be in the same shopping center as the Wegman’s in Cherry Hill. Zinburger is a casual wine & burger bar, specializing in novelty burgers made of 100% certified Angus beef and American Kobe beef, which they grind in house three times a day. I didn’t want to go too crazy, so I ordered the Samburger – topped with Nueske’s Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese and 1000 island dressing.

Then I checked out photos on Yelp and immediately changed my order to the Breakfast Burger: topped with a Fried egg, smoked bacon, American cheese, avocado & mayo (I know, I know. That burger should have been my first choice since those are all my favorite things). Just like at Bobby’s Burger Palace, when your server asks how you would like your burger cooked, they confirm back to you with the color & temperature of your order; in my case, Medium, warm pink center and warm throughout.

The burger came out and looked amazing. The house grind meat had a great flavor and the patty was perfectly proportional to the bun. I made sure to keep the giant toothpick thing in the bun to hold everything together for a while so that the toppings didn’t spill out everywhere. The burger was slightly more on the medium-well side – I would have liked to see more pink inside – but it was very juicy. Normally I would ask for ketchup, but I didn’t even need any! I also wish the fried egg had been slightly runny instead of being cooked all the way. I was surprised how delicious it was for a “suburban chain”, considering my last South Jersey burger experience wasn’t so great. I’m definitely glad that I changed my order at the last minute. I would totally have regretted not getting this! The one downside would probably be that the burger doesn’t come with fries, but they have an assortment of onion rings & various fries that are the perfect size to split with another person – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Let’s face it – no one likes food shopping on an empty stomach – so fuel up beforehand at Zinburger. They also have an all day Happy Hour on Sundays where you can get their simple burger for only five bucks!

Burger rating: “B+”


Sinful Burgers

I’ve just touched back down in Philly from my trip to Vegas. If this blog post is any indication, clearly I didn’t win big on the penny slots – but I did hit the jackpot when it comes to eating some pretty awesome burgers!

First up: KGB – Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers – located in Harrah’s Casino. I’d never heard of Kerry Simon before, but apparently he was a contestant on Iron Chef and won, what else but a Burger Battle against Cat Cora. I checked out the Southwest Burger: An all natural beef patty, topped with avocado, cilantro, lime-marinated peppers and onions, pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese, avocado crème fraîche, all on a jalapeño-Cheddar bun. I was really impressed by the presentation and flavor of the burger. I love Tex-Mex flavors, so putting any of those ingredients on a burger gets me every time. However, all those awesome Tex-Mex ingredients quickly overwhelmed my burger once I removed the stick from the bun & it became a flaccid mess. I tried to remove some of the peppers & onions, but eventually had to concede defeats because I just couldn’t physically hold the burger anymore. My burger was cooked a little past medium into medium-well territory, but was still very juicy and tasty. [Burger Rating: C-]

Next, over at neighboring casino/hotel, The Palazzo, you’ll find I ❤ Burgers. Sounds perfect, right? I ordered their Standard burger, which is a ground Angus patty topped with lettuce, tomato & red onions. I also added cheddar & avocado for an additional $2 a piece, but my burger came out without the avocado on top. The menu states that all burgers are cooked to medium, pink throughout, unless otherwise requested, but again ended up being more on the medium-well side. The bun comes out toasted & branded with the I ❤ Burgers logo. I thought the flavor of the patty itself was tasty with a nice little bit of char, but otherwise very basic – and extremely overpriced – but hey, that’s Vegas, right?. (They also sold “I ❤ Burgers” t-shirts at their merchandise counter, so had to I got one, even if I didn’t love their burgers!) [Burger Rating: D+]

I feel like East Coasters are obsessed sometimes when it comes to all the awesome fast food chains that don’t exist on this side of the U.S., which is why I made sure to hit up a few of the most popular West Coast burger joints: Carl’s Jr and In ‘n’ Out.

At Carl’s Jr, I opted for the “Big Carl”, which is kind of a mash-up between a Big Mac & a Whopper. You’ve got your two all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun (without the awkward middle bun you get on the Big Mac) PLUS you get the flame, charbroiled exterior on some monster sized patties. For a fast food joint, this was a pretty solid burger. [Burger Rating: B]

Lastly, what some consider to be the epitome of fast food burger greatness: I ordered a Double Double, Animal Style from In n Out, along with Animal Style fries. If you’re not familiar with In n Out’s “secret menu”, Animal Style is basically just a bunch of grilled, diced onions, cheese & Thousand Island sauce. It was fresh, delicious & absolutely amazing! (Can’t we start one of those White House petitions to get In n Out on the East Coast?) [Burger Rating: A+]

The day we arrived also just happened to be the opening of Bobby Flay’s first West Coast location of his burger joint, Bobby’s Burger Palace. Since I love BBP & have already been a bunch of times here on the East Coast, I didn’t really feel the need to eat there (although, they did introduce 2 new burgers – themed for Las Vegas & New Mexico – as well as added their Brunch Burger to their menu full time). However, we did stop buy and grab some of BBP’s famous Frozen Pear margaritas in their new BBP To Go Margarita Bar – and I’m glad we did, because Bobby Flay was there hanging out & filming promo stuff. He walked right past us when we were sitting down. I was so starstruck! Here’s a creep shot I took of B.Flay from my seat:

Nearly every hotel on the strip has it’s own gourmet burger bistro, so there’s no limit to all the burger deliciousness you could be having in Sin City. The only problem you’ll find yourself having is that there aren’t enough hours in a day – or room in your stomach – to eat them all!

Bobby’s Burger Palace

In more “crossing state lines to eat at various burger joints” news, not only did I recently chow down at Shake Shacks in the Philly and CT areas, I also ate at 2 different Bobby’s Burger Palaces: The West Philly/University City location (There’s also a location in Cherry Hill, NJ for those of you willing to pay a toll) and at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. 

(Photo credit: BBP website)
 Palace, you say? Sounds fancy!
If you’ve never been, it’s pretty much a fast-casual style restaurant: You put your order in with a cashier, get a number, take a seat, and eventually your food comes out to you. The counter set-ups are pretty cool, with funky lighting and “Lettuce Green” swivel seats. In addition to their regular dining room, the Mohegan Sun location also has a separate bar area with a kind of “sports bar” feel.
 (Photo credit: BBP website)
Both locations have the same menu offerings – with the exception being that the Philly location gives you the option to get your Philadelphia burger “Wit Wiz”. And also, pricing: Burgers cost the same, but booze is a little bit more at Mohegan (probably because it’s in a casino), but they also offer an extensive bottled & draft beer list as opposed to just bottles in Philly. In addition to the regular burgers on the menu, BBP also offers a “Burger of the Month”, which, as I’m sure you can already guess, is an off-menu burger that changes on a monthly basis. You can also opt to have your burger “Crunch-ified”, meaning they just pile a bunch of crushed up potato chips on top. That’s not really my thing, but it’s there if you decide it’s your thing!
 (Photo credit:
There’s also a special chart at the cashier when you’re ordering that shows you the levels of Pinkness! The Cashier even verifies with you when you select your temperature if that’s how you’re sure you want it done. (ie. ‘So you want that Medium, which is warm with a pink center?’) 
 They aren’t playing around either. When they say Medium, they mean Medium!
At BBP-Philly, I ordered the L.A. Burger, which is topped with Avocado Relish / Watercress / Cheddar Cheese/Tomato. Put avocado and cheddar cheese on just about anything and I’ll eat it. And even though it sounds weird, the watercress tastes great and makes you feel like you’re being really healthy about this delicious, juicy burger that you’re eating.
LA Burger.

At BBP-Mohegan, I ordered the Dallas Burger, which is spice crusted and topped with coleslaw, Monterey jack cheese, BBQ sauce and pickles.This is my Dad’s usual go-to at BBP. He loves BBP because he thinks it tastes just like a burger that you would make at home. It’s got a nostalgic, sesame seed topped bun and that slight, off the grill char while still being flavorful and not greasy.  

Dallas: Pickles on my top, Pickles on the side

I also usually get the Frozen Cactus Pear Margarita. I have no idea what a cactus pear is but it’s pink and there’s booze in it and it’s delicious!

They’ve also got fries (regular and sweet potato) and the biggest friggin onion rings ever. I actually took one of the onion rings and put it on top of my Dallas burger and all I could think was “Why does it not already come like this!?” Mouthgasm.

Hopefully this run-down helped ease the fears of any of you who may have been skeptical because it’s a Bobby Flay place, but it’s actually really good, reasonably priced and the burgers are delicious. So get on over to BBP and crunchify yo’self!
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