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Burger, Reborn

I’d been meaning to check out Resurrection Ale House for quite some time. (And ironically, while completely unplanned and without Religious affiliation, I found myself venturing in just a few days after Easter.) Resurrection Ale House is tucked into the elbow of Philadelphia known as Grey’s Ferry and is brought to you by the same lovely folks who run Strangelove’s & Memphis Taproom. This burger however varies slightly from their previously sampled siblings, coming topped with cheddar, caramelized onions and bibb lettuce all tucked under a challah bun. You can add bacon for a $1, but as I had bacon on both the Strangelove’s & Memphis burgers, I figured I’d keep it simple this time.

While other places that I’ve ordered similar burgers from haven’t appeared to take their time when it comes to caramelizing onions, these were spot-on: dark brown and gooey, like a good caramelized onion should be. The burger was cooked perfectly medium, and the meat was juicy and flavorful. The challah bun gave it a soft, buttery balance and the bibb lettuce literally became like a bib, holding back the meat drippings. The patty was big and thick and had a good burger-to-bun ratio; I only had about one final bite at the end where I had run out of meat. I was definitely pleased that this burger carried the same “genes” as its burger brethren. Being able to find consistency at three separate locations in three different areas of the city is quite a feat! I can’t wait to try the burger at their fourth location in West Philly – Local 44 – and see if it matches the rest, or if it’s the black sheep of the family.

Burger rating: “B+”

National Cheeseburger Day

Since it seems like every food gets its own holiday nowadays, September 18th just so happens to be National Cheeseburger Day! So in honor of this magical day, I’m going to describe my dream cheeseburger:

First off, we start with a nice, fresh, soft Challah roll.

Next, the patty: Pat LaFrieda is the #1 name in burgers, so obviously, their 8oz shortrib blend – a delicious mix of flavorful meats – would make the perfect burger base.

Cooked to a perfectly pink-centered medium, of course.

Lettuce (preferably bibb or green leaf) and Tomato (a big, crisp beefsteak slice), obviously.

A few slices of fresh avocado

Some thick cut Applewood smoked bacon (Because, Bacon)

A fried egg

And finally, the most important part of all. The thing that really makes a cheeseburger a cheeseburger – THE CHEESE!

I’d go with a Cabot clothbound cheddar: a little bit sharp, a little bit sweet – kind of like me!

Smear a little mayo on the bun top, squirt a little ketchup happy face on top of the cheese and VOILA! Dream burger activated!

Hmm, that sounds kind of familiar, you might be saying to yourself. Indeed, the Betty Burger at Smoking Betty’s had a lot of my “dream” burger elements and so I thought it would be my burger soul mate, but it turned out we just weren’t right for each other. Now if a restaurant could make me a combination of everything I mentioned above, I might just be willing to put a (onion) ring on it.

What would YOUR dream cheeseburger be? Mention it in the comments below. It could be a Frankenstein of your own creation or something simple; it could even be your favorite pub or fast food burger! I’d love to hear from other passionate burger lovers.

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