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Queue for BBQ

If you work in a fairly large city, you probably already know that if you don’t bring your lunch with you that you’re destined to spend a good portion of your lunch hour fighting the other throngs of lunch-less office dwellers in the quest to eat. (And you find yourself spending more time waiting to actually get your food then you do eating it.) Oh sure, you could try to time it so you beat the rush. Or maybe  you go a little bit later once things have settled down. But there’s at least a dozen other people all using your same trial & error method.

I work in Center City Philadelphia and my main option down the block from my office is the Market at the Comcast Center, which provides of a plethora of options from Mexican to Chinese to Sushi to Jewish deli sandwiches to a DiBruno Bros outpost. But one of my favorite places – and a pretty recent addition to the market – is Percy Street BBQ. If you’ve ever been to the Percy Street location on South St, then you already know how amazing their food is. I mean, why get a McRib when you can get the Percy Street boneless pork sandwich for just a few bucks more? (Which is HUGE and you could probably save half of it for dinner, but I’m a fat kid so I ate the whole thing in one sitting.)

Heaven on a Hoagie Roll

They’ve changed up their menu items since they first opened this past winter (sadly, that delicious beast above is no longer featured), but the quality is unbeatable. And even with a side and a drink, you’re still coming out just around $10. So if you’re in the Comcast Center area and looking for a lunch that won’t break the bank, definitely pop by Percy Street!

Real & Delicious Pulled Pork for only $7!? It’s true!

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