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I’m a Believer

Dear Brunch, I’m sorry for doubting you before and I take back (almost) everything negative I said in the past.

Why you ask?

Because last weekend, I had a brunch that changed my life at the Bainbridge Street Barrel House.

They put a burger on French Toast. And it’s amazing.

At first, you might seem skeptical. Burger on french toast? How does that work? Do I pick it up and eat it? Does it come with toppings? How do I ask for it to be cooked?

Luckily, BSBH takes the guesswork out for you. Two, thin patties come cooked medium-rare and are sandwiched between 2 succulent & thick pieces of french toast.

Underneath the “bun” is bacon whipped cream (!) and on the side for your drizzling enjoyment is whiskey maple syrup. This is probably the only time it’s ever acceptable to eat a burger with a knife & a fork.

What a beautiful mess!

This French Toast Burger definitely puts a new spin on your average “Breakfast Burger”. It’s a must try!

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