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The Bearded Burger

I got a tip from a friend that I should check out a burger in my neighborhood this week at The Goat’s Beard, which just opened up on Main Street in Manayunk a few months. It was already on my “to eat” list, but since it was given such a good recommendation, I decided to bump it up to priority status. The “Goat Burger”, as it was billed on my tab, does not contain any actual goat but is an 8 oz beef patty topped with pepper jack, caramelized onions, and bacon on a brioche bun.

I ordered the burger medium, as per usual, and it came out perfectly pink inside. Unfortunately, after the first few bites, things started to go downhill.

I found myself quickly running out of bottom bun. Then, the cheese & bacon started sliding out of the rear. Finally, and this was the saddest part of all, the meat just completely started splitting apart from the formed patty shape; I wound up tearing the remaining bun into 2 parts and eating each burger piece individually. I really wanted to like this burger, but there’s just no excuse for a patty that isn’t formed solidly enough and just starts falling apart mid-bite.

Burger rating: “B-” (would probably have gotten a solid “B” had it stayed in one piece.)

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