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Suburban Burgers: Brittingham’s

It’s a new year and prime time for more burger eating! Throw those diet resolutions out the window and keep on chowing down on your favorite treats. I sure am! This week we’re back in the ‘burbs (Lafayette Hill, to be exact) at Brittingham’s, on a recommendation from Josh of Spotburger fame to check out their Reuben Burger. Spotburger did their own version of a Reuben burger this past fall (which I sadly missed out on), so I was excited to check out this variation on one of my favorite sandwiches. Brittingham’s version is a corned pork patty topped with house kraut, gruyère cheese and their “famous house condiment”, all on a brioche bun. I was also in luck because Mondays are half-priced burger nights. DEALS!

I wasn’t asked how I wanted my burger cooked for obvious pork related reasons. I was however disappointed that the burger was completely overpowered by the “house condiment”, a kind of spicy mustard that had almost a cumin-curry spice flavor to it. It seemed to be all I could taste with every bite. No notes of corned pork. No salty Gruyère. Not even a hint of cabbage. That off-putting spice really ruined what could have been a great homage to a great sandwich; I would have preferred a traditional, simple 1000 island to top it off. Maybe on my next trip, I’ll just tell them to put the sauce on the side.

Burger rating: “C-“


Going the extra Miles

I was just planning on going home after work on a Wednesday & eating some boring leftovers when I got a tip that Miles Table (1620 South St.) makes Wednesdays their 1/2 price burger night! So I hoped on the bus and headed over. The spot is a cute, coffee shop type set up and less restaurant-y, which I kind of liked. It’s also a BYOB (keeping that in mind for next time). And aside from their Miles Burger (ground chuck, topped with lettuce, tomato & onion, your choice of cheese on a Brioche bun), they also offer up a Turkey and Falafel burger, for the health conscious & vegetarian types. Pair that with fun topping choices like avocado or a fried egg, and hand cut french fries, and you’ve got yourself a sweet mid-week meal deal. (They also take LevelUp, which I love using since paying with my phone always makes me feel like I’m in the future – or Japan.)

I ordered up the Miles burger, medium, with cheddar and avocado (because putting avocado on a burger always makes me feel like I’m being healthy, even though I’m really not). It came out pretty quickly and had a great presentation. The burger was nicely sized to the bun, which was hefty enough to soak up the juices without falling apart, and cooked perfectly. It certainly wasn’t mind blowing, but it was delicious and reasonably priced. And the atmosphere is bright, quiet and cozy, instead of some loud, stuffy bar or a crazy crowded restaurant where you’re constantly wondering where your waitress and your food are. So bring a friend and a six pack on down to South Street and get your half-priced hump day burgering on!

Burger rating: “B-“

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