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The “Hunger Games”

I’m probably the last person on Earth who hadn’t been to Sabrina’s cafe for brunch – until this past weekend. And it’s a good thing that I did because their ever changing & always fun themed brunch specials were in honor of the upcoming release of the Hunger Games sequel: Catching Fire (In theaters everywhere November 22nd!) I opted for ‘Enobaria’s Big Bite Burger”:  a grilled Angus burger served on brioche with shredded Napa cabbage, carrots, caramelized leeks, papaya-sriracha aioli, fried panko-encrusted Japanese eggplant, and a fried wonton (it was also topped with shitake mushrooms, but I ordered it without them because, ew mushrooms).

The burger came out & it was massive! Much like Katniss, I would have to use my smarts and skills to work my way through this. I gripped the burger with both hands and took careful bites to make sure all the toppings stacked on top didn’t spill out on to the plate. But halfway through, I noticed I was starting to run out of bottom bun! I had to make some maneuvers, but I was able to successfully finish each bite without running out of bun too soon. The burger was cooked perfectly medium. The papaya-sriracha aioli had a great flavor (my friend even ordered a side of it to dip his fries in). There were too many leeks on the burger for my liking & I did eventually have to pick some of them off. And even though I was skeptical about the slice of fried eggplant, I thought it worked really well with the burger. In the end, I defeated this beast of a burger and emerged victorious!

Burger rating: “B-“

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