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Burger, Reborn

I’d been meaning to check out Resurrection Ale House for quite some time. (And ironically, while completely unplanned and without Religious affiliation, I found myself venturing in just a few days after Easter.) Resurrection Ale House is tucked into the elbow of Philadelphia known as Grey’s Ferry and is brought to you by the same lovely folks who run Strangelove’s & Memphis Taproom. This burger however varies slightly from their previously sampled siblings, coming topped with cheddar, caramelized onions and bibb lettuce all tucked under a challah bun. You can add bacon for a $1, but as I had bacon on both the Strangelove’s & Memphis burgers, I figured I’d keep it simple this time.

While other places that I’ve ordered similar burgers from haven’t appeared to take their time when it comes to caramelizing onions, these were spot-on: dark brown and gooey, like a good caramelized onion should be. The burger was cooked perfectly medium, and the meat was juicy and flavorful. The challah bun gave it a soft, buttery balance and the bibb lettuce literally became like a bib, holding back the meat drippings. The patty was big and thick and had a good burger-to-bun ratio; I only had about one final bite at the end where I had run out of meat. I was definitely pleased that this burger carried the same “genes” as its burger brethren. Being able to find consistency at three separate locations in three different areas of the city is quite a feat! I can’t wait to try the burger at their fourth location in West Philly – Local 44 – and see if it matches the rest, or if it’s the black sheep of the family.

Burger rating: “B+”

Tap That.

In the far reaches of Kensington lies the Memphis Taproom, a little bar with a big beer personality and an awesome outdoor garden space. Sounds familiar, you say? It should – they are owned by the same awesome crew who own Strangelove’s, Local 44 & Resurrection Ale House. So wherever you happen to find yourself in Philly, you can count on getting great beer and awesome food. Opting for their cheeseburger, the bartender threw me a curveball: “Do you want bacon?” I CAN HAZ BACON? That’s not listed on the menu! But obviously, I went and added some bacon to that jawn along with cheddar cheese.

My burger came out looking amazing. Thick strips of bacon. Lots of gooey cheese. A toasty, soft non-brioche bun. Bibb lettuce. and a thick slice of tomato. What more could a burger-loving gal ask for? The burger was big, thick and juicy – but just a touch over medium into medium well territory. I thought the hand cut fries were great, but the owner (who apparently has a very colorful sense of humor) proclaimed that they tasted “like they were made by a 14 year old” as he sampled some from a regular patron’s plate.

Unfortunately, Memphis Taproom is a little far out of the way for me to make regular trips to enjoy their amazing beer selection, but if you live in the area or they’re having one of their numerous, seasonal beer events, definitely stop in and check their burger out, too!

Burger Rating: “A-“

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