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Need A Lift?

Over the holiday break, I finally got to try Cafe Lift for the first time, hitting it up mid-week to avoid the weekend brunch crowds. While I had my heart set on a delicious frittata that day, a burger special on their board caught my eye and I knew that I’d immediately have to come back to try it (especially since I really enjoyed the burger at their neighbor/sibling restaurant across the street, Prohibition Taproom). So I did! Their burger consists of two smashed & stacked Kensington Quarters grass-fed beef burgers topped with a fried egg, caramelized onions, provolone and a whole grain mustard aioli.

The burger came paired with a healthy, mixed green salad (I know you guys love your fries, but this is a mostly breakfast place, after all). The fried egg covered almost the entire burger, so I only managed to get this peek-a-boo picture. The runny egg yolk tasted delicious and created a beautiful mess all over my plate – and myself. The shiny, buttery brioche helped soak up all the yellow runoff. The caramelized onions & provolone pairing were great. The provolone wasn’t too sharp or overpowering, and the mustard aioli gave it a little extra kick. The burger patties themselves were cooked to well (and continued to cook while I was eating so that they were slightly too dry when I reached the last few bites) but you could taste the freshness in the grass-fed beef. I get the whole “smash” style, but they could have come off the grill a little sooner and been a little bit juicier – and then this burger would have been amazing!

If you’re going to come in and check it out (ain’t no shame in eating a burger at 10 AM), don’t forget your piggy banks – Cafe Lift is CASH ONLY! (and BYOB, so bring your flask, too).

Burger rating: “B”

Hunger Repealed!

Wednesday, December 5th, marked the 79th anniversary of the 21st amendment, which repealed Prohibition (aka the 18th Amendment, which was ironically enacted on my birthday). In honor of this occasion, I decided to grab a bite and a few beers at the Prohibition Taproom. Despite being unseasonably warm for December, I tend to enjoy darker beers during these months where the sun decides it’s gonna go home before 5 PM, and my bartender Jason suggested two delicious porters for me.

First up was the Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge Brewery. It was delicious, smooth and tasty; I could have drunk this beer all night.

Photo Credit: Breckenridge Brewery

Next was the Edmund Fitzgerald, from Great Lakes Brewing. A little bit more bodied then my previous beer with a distinctive coffee taste; it was still good but definitely a sipper.

Photo Credit:

Oh, the real reason I was here? To try their burger of course! The Pub Burger is 8 oz. of choice ground Chuck with lettuce, roasted cowboy onions and home made tomato jam. House cut fries and your choice of cheese (Jack, Cheddar, Blue or Brie). It came on a soft ciabatta roll and for only $10, there was definitely no sticker shock here.

My burger was cooked perfectly to medium FINALLY, after a recent series of misses in the temperature department. The ciabatta roll was very complimentary and a welcoming change from those “other buns”. Nice big piece of bibb lettuce and the tomato jam spread was pretty tasty. I went with the white cheddar as my cheese option and, despite my being weird about onion consumption at times (hate raw onions, am so-so about cooked ones), the caramelized onions were a treat; I didn’t even pick them off!

I definitely have to put the Pub burger in my top 5 burgers in town so far. Everything about it just made for the perfect burger eating experience.

Burger rating? “A”.

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