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Whet Your Whistle

The restaurant space at the corner of 5th & Bainbridge has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. With various openings and closings and being vacant for extended periods of time, residents in the Queen Village neighborhood worried they might never have a steady hot-spot in the hood. Hoping to “reverse the curse” (so to speak), the owners of Brauhaus Schmitz have recently opened  Whetstone Tavern and crafted a menu of classic American cuisine using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. As you can probably already guess, I headed straight for the bar & ordered the Dad’s Burger – a LaFrieda blend patty on a Martin’s potato roll, topped with cooper sharp cheese, iceberg lettuce slaw, heirloom tomato, diced onion, and pickles. You can opt for a single or a double patty; I went with just one to give it a good baseline. You can pair it with fries, chips or a half salad – I chose fries.

I wasn’t asked how I wanted the burger cooked but it was on the medium-well side. It didn’t matter because I knew the quality of the La Frieda meat would ensure that my burger was moist, flavorful & delicious. Also, it was on a soft Martin’s potato roll, which automatically makes any burger taste amazing. It was on the small side, but still tasty. I loved seeing the little yellow sliver of the heirloom tomato after I took my first bite. The burger also comes topped with a house burger sauce (probably some kind of in-house thousand island variation). I failed to notice that the ketchup listed on the menu was sriracha ketchup so after my first bite, my mouth was on fire! Luckily, I was able to dip the fries in the burger sauce/meat juice run off, which made them extra tasty. The fries were kind of under-salted, so the drippings helped alleviate some of the blandness as well. Next time I will definitely opt for the double decker burger & chips! Also be sure to save room for  one of Pastry Chef Jessica Nolen’s amazing desserts – or you can wait until her new, standalone bakery The Little Bird opens just a few blocks away!

Burger rating: “B”

All Hail The King

The Good King Tavern opened a few months ago off South Street (in the old Chick’s cafe space) with a focus on a casual, French inspired menu. Normally I’m not the type of person who goes to a restaurant that specializes in a particular cuisine and orders the random burger on the menu, but this week, I made an exception, trying the TGK burger – topped with bacon, Emmental cheese, lettuce & tomato on a seeded brioche bun, served with a side of rouille. I was delighted when placing my order to find that the burger only comes cooked medium, but also nervous: if this is how they cook all their burgers, there’s no chance they’ll mess it up, right? (Spoiler alert: They didn’t!)

Once the burger arrived, I could see why the burgers were all cooked to medium. The patty was very wide and thin, kind of like the patties over at The Industry, which means that they cook fast to get that nice, pink center. The brioche bun was soft and buttery, holding up well with each bite, even with a little bloody run-off from the burger. The meat was flavorful and the patty was perfectly proportional to the bun. The bacon could have been a little crispier, but otherwise I couldn’t complain. Topped with sliced roma tomatoes and bibb lettuce, it resembled many of the burgers that I like to make at home. I think I was most excited about it being the correct temperature and finding pink in every bite I took that made the overall burger eating experience the most enjoyable I’ve had in a while. I’m glad I decided to check it out, even if it was one of the least French things on the menu (think they’ll let me add escargots as a topping next time?).

Burger rating: “B”

Bargain Burger

My mother is the Coupon Queen of Connecticut, so growing up she taught me to always be on the lookout for a great deal. And with it being the holiday season and all, it’s important to save money where you can (this way “Santa” can get you that 42″ plasma screen you’ve had your eye on). Enter South Street staple Bridget Foy’s, who boast an amazing Thursday night bar special: One of four select burgers on their dinner menu plus a draft beer for a whopping $10! Since there were some specialty burgers included in the deal, I decided to forgo their Standard burger & try the New Mexico burger, topped with roasted green chiles, pepperjack cheese and a house made chipotle mayo.

The patty itself was a pretty decent size, but cooked far past medium – almost bordering on well done – therefore the meat itself didn’t really have a lot of flavor. The bun was a soft, seeded hamburger roll and held the burger together really well. Some of the chiles fell out while I was eating, but this turned out to not really be a problem since there were a few too many chiles for my liking on top. The pepperjack cheese gave the burger a spicy little bite. But – OH BOY – if you’re congested, this is the burger you wanna be eating. I’ve had some pretty weak chipotle sauces and mayos before, but this bad boy cleared my sinuses right up! The beer I paired with the burger was the Philadelphia Brewing Company Joe Coffee Porter; it had a little bit of spice to it, so it really worked well with the Southwest flavors of the burger.

So maybe if you’re doing a little shopping on Fabric Row tomorrow night (December 12th) and feeling hungry, pop on over to Bridget Foy’s & give those purse strings a rest!

Burger rating: “C+”

Going the extra Miles

I was just planning on going home after work on a Wednesday & eating some boring leftovers when I got a tip that Miles Table (1620 South St.) makes Wednesdays their 1/2 price burger night! So I hoped on the bus and headed over. The spot is a cute, coffee shop type set up and less restaurant-y, which I kind of liked. It’s also a BYOB (keeping that in mind for next time). And aside from their Miles Burger (ground chuck, topped with lettuce, tomato & onion, your choice of cheese on a Brioche bun), they also offer up a Turkey and Falafel burger, for the health conscious & vegetarian types. Pair that with fun topping choices like avocado or a fried egg, and hand cut french fries, and you’ve got yourself a sweet mid-week meal deal. (They also take LevelUp, which I love using since paying with my phone always makes me feel like I’m in the future – or Japan.)

I ordered up the Miles burger, medium, with cheddar and avocado (because putting avocado on a burger always makes me feel like I’m being healthy, even though I’m really not). It came out pretty quickly and had a great presentation. The burger was nicely sized to the bun, which was hefty enough to soak up the juices without falling apart, and cooked perfectly. It certainly wasn’t mind blowing, but it was delicious and reasonably priced. And the atmosphere is bright, quiet and cozy, instead of some loud, stuffy bar or a crazy crowded restaurant where you’re constantly wondering where your waitress and your food are. So bring a friend and a six pack on down to South Street and get your half-priced hump day burgering on!

Burger rating: “B-“

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