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Zin-fully Delicious

While making a weekend trip to South Jersey – for Wegman’s, obviously – we decided to pop into Zinburger, which happened to be in the same shopping center as the Wegman’s in Cherry Hill. Zinburger is a casual wine & burger bar, specializing in novelty burgers made of 100% certified Angus beef and American Kobe beef, which they grind in house three times a day. I didn’t want to go too crazy, so I ordered the Samburger – topped with Nueske’s Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese and 1000 island dressing.

Then I checked out photos on Yelp and immediately changed my order to the Breakfast Burger: topped with a Fried egg, smoked bacon, American cheese, avocado & mayo (I know, I know. That burger should have been my first choice since those are all my favorite things). Just like at Bobby’s Burger Palace, when your server asks how you would like your burger cooked, they confirm back to you with the color & temperature of your order; in my case, Medium, warm pink center and warm throughout.

The burger came out and looked amazing. The house grind meat had a great flavor and the patty was perfectly proportional to the bun. I made sure to keep the giant toothpick thing in the bun to hold everything together for a while so that the toppings didn’t spill out everywhere. The burger was slightly more on the medium-well side – I would have liked to see more pink inside – but it was very juicy. Normally I would ask for ketchup, but I didn’t even need any! I also wish the fried egg had been slightly runny instead of being cooked all the way. I was surprised how delicious it was for a “suburban chain”, considering my last South Jersey burger experience wasn’t so great. I’m definitely glad that I changed my order at the last minute. I would totally have regretted not getting this! The one downside would probably be that the burger doesn’t come with fries, but they have an assortment of onion rings & various fries that are the perfect size to split with another person – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Let’s face it – no one likes food shopping on an empty stomach – so fuel up beforehand at Zinburger. They also have an all day Happy Hour on Sundays where you can get their simple burger for only five bucks!

Burger rating: “B+”


A Twofer at Tria

So I went to Tria for the first time last weekend…. and I also went there for the second time last weekend as well. Yes, I loved it so much that I went to 2 different locations two days apart; Tria Wine Room in University City on Friday and then Tria Cafe on 12th & Spruce on Sunday.

Friday night’s adventure was dinner with a friend. From 4-6 PM they have $5 wines during happy hour. (I tried a white wine which I completely forget what it was and am by no means a wine connoisseur so you’ll have to excuse me. ) And for an appetizer, my friend and I both got their truffled egg toast with fontina fontal.

I had been smelling truffle the entire time I was waiting for my friend and knew that I just had to get it (especially after my last truffle encounter). And as soon as I put fork to mouth – OMG – immediate mouthgasm. Every bite was a little bit of ecstasy. Everything about this dish was just perfect; from the way the cheese perfectly fit the bread to the truffle oil mixing with the egg yolk. I wanted to order like, five more of these.

And then I got an amazing fig, gorgonola & pine nut salad with this rich balsamic vinaigrette and I was so hungry I ate it all before taking a pic.

But that’s ok! Because then I went to Tria again for their weekly “Sunday School”, which features a beer, a wine and a cheese at a discounted price (the caveat being that you can only order one of each item). This week’s menu was Toro “Tinto Robles”, a robust red wine, butterscotchy Ascutey Mountain cheese and Ommegang Scythe and Sickle, a celebratory Harvest Ale.

I started out with the Ommegang, which according to the menu was a refreshing alternative to all the other “pumpkin” and “Oktoberfest” ales that are out this time of year. I was worried it would be too hoppy, but it had a nice flavor and a bright amber color; very smooth, balanced and very tasty. I really enjoyed it.

Then I paired the cheese and the Tinto. The cheese was very soft and creamy, and came with a side of local honey which I drizzled on and was very complimentary. The wine was also really good; smooth without an aftertaste that you can get from some red wines (And my entire mouth wasn’t totally purple afterwards!).

The best part about my visit? All this amazing-ness cost less than $15 (before tax)! I definitely encourage any and everyone to check out Sunday School if you haven’t already. It’s definitely the best deal for a classy “Sunday Funday”.

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