Burger Ratings

Philly’s Best Burger Quest:
Sketch (Cyclops): A+
London Grill: A+
Pub & Kitchen (Parliament burger): A+
Avance (Lamburger): A+ [CLOSED]
Hawthornes Cafe (Hawthornes Burger): A+
Prohibition Tap Room: A
Spot Burger: A
Hickory Lane: A
The Dandelion: A
Jerry’s Bar (Deluxe burger): A
Butcher & Singer (lunch only): A
IBG Truck @ Festival Pier: A [CLOSED]
The Fat Ham: A [CLOSED]
Forest & Main: A
Paris Bistro: A
Palladino’s: A [CLOSED]
Independence Beer Garden: A
Pub on Passyunk East: A
Sassafras Bar: A
The Blue Duck (Beast of the Northeast): A [CLOSED]
Royal Tavern (Bacon burger): A-
Sowe: A- [CLOSED]
Memphis Taproom: A-
Tria Taproom: A-
Cresheim Valley Grain Exchange: A-
Village Whiskey (Whiskey King): A-
Fourth & Cross: A- [CLOSED]
Banbridge Street Barrel House (Sally Smothers): B+
Royal Tavern (Angus burger): B+
Supper  (brunch burger): B+ [CLOSED]
Rittenhouse Tavern: B+ [CLOSED]
Rex 1516: B+
Circles (NoLibs lunch menu): B+
Strangelove’s (Joe burger): B+
500 Degrees: B+
Matyson (lunch only): B+ [CLOSED]
Catahoula (Houla Burger): B+
Resurrection Ale House: B+ [CLOSED]
Lemon Hill: B+ [CLOSED]
Society Hill Society: B+ [CLOSED]
a.Kitchen: B+
Bardot Cafe: B+
The Ugly Moose: B+ [CLOSED]
Lo Spiedo: B+ [CLOSED]
South Philadelphia Tap Room (dinner burger): B+
The Institute: B+
New Wave Cafe (carry-out): B+
Coeur: B+ [CLOSED]
North Third: B+
JG Domestic (lunch only): B
Alla Spina (Burgamo): B [CLOSED]
Grace Tavern (Kelly’s burger): B
Banbridge Street Barrel House (brunch burger): B
Red Owl Tavern: B
The Industry (burger, two patties): B [CLOSED]
The Cambridge: B
Sto’s Bar: B
Lloyd Whiskey Bar: B
Milkboy: B
The Sidecar Bar & Grille: B
South Philadelphia Tap Room (brunch burger): B
The Gaslight: B
Old Eagle Tavern: B
The Good King Tavern: B
Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon: B
Beast & Ale: B [CLOSED]
Local 44: B
Fountain Porter: B
Keg & Kitchen: B
The Pour House: B
Cafe Lift: B
SouthHouse: B
Juniper Commons: B [CLOSED]
2nd Story Brewing (2nd Story Burger): B
The Treemont (lunch only): B [CLOSED]
Good Dog (2015 rating): B
Triangle Tavern: B
Whetstone Tavern: B
Fitler Dining Room (Endless Summer burger): B [CLOSED]
Sabrina’s Cafe (Enobaria’s Big Bite Burger): B-
Smokin Betty’s (Betty Burger): B-
The Industry (burger, one patty): B-
Mile’s Table: B-
The Goat’s Beard: B-
Boot & Saddle: B-
Square 1682 (1682 burger): B-
Drury Beer Garden (DBG Double Down Burger): B-
Morgan’s Pier (2015 Backyard Burger): B-
Kraftwork: C+
Derek’s (Brunch Burger): C+ [CLOSED]
Devil’s Alley: C+
Devil’s Den: C+
Lucky’s Last Chance (Bacon Egg & Cheese burger): C+
Interstate Draft House (With guacamole): C+
Bisou (Manayunk): C+ [CLOSED]
Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen: C+
Bridget Foys (New Mexico burger): C+ [CLOSED]
Khyber Pass Pub: C+
Iron Hill Brewery (Jersey Diner Burger): C+
P’unk Burger: C+ [CLOSED]
Oyster House: C+
Brick & Mortar: C+ [CLOSED]
Ela (happy hour/brunch): C
Farmer’s Cabinet: C [CLOSED]
Flat Rock Saloon: C [CLOSED]
PYT (PYT burger): C [CLOSED]
The Farm & Fisherman Tavern (NJ): C
CoZara (Ramen Burger): C
Bareburger: C
Kite & Key: C
La Peg (Fringe Burger): C
Southgate (Katsu Burger): C
Street Food Philly: C-
Bourbon & Branch Philly: C-
MaGerks: C-
Taproom on 19th: C-
Goat Hollow: C-
Brittingham’s: C-
Good Dog (2013 rating): D+
Tir Na Nog: D
Good Dog (2011 rating): D
White Dog Cafe: D-
Squareburger: F
Falls Taproom: F

Out of Towners:
Katsu Burger (Beef Ohayo Gozaimasu; Seattle): A+
Red Mill (deluxe; Seattle): A+
Husk (Nashville): A+
Slow Bar (Summer burger; Portland): B
Red Coach Diner (Classic Karl; Portland): B
Plan B Burger Bar (CT): B
HB Burger (NYC): B
Prime 16 (CT, Cowboy Burger):B
Little Big Burger (Portland): B-
Kuma’s Corner (Chicago): B-
Harvest (Louisville): B-
Burger Bar Bistro (CT): C+
One Mile House (NYC): C
Burger Joint (NYC): C
Dick’s Drive In (Seattle): C
Burger Up (Nashville, Ramsey Pimento burger): C
KGB Gourmet Burgers (Vegas, Southwest Burger): C-
I Love Burgers (Vegas, Standard): D+

Chains/Multiple Locations:
In n Out (Double Double, Animal Style): A+
Bobby’s Burger Palace: LA burger, A. Dallas burger, A
Shake Shack: Shack burger, A. Smoke Shack, A
Carl’s Jr (Big Carl): B
Elevation burger: regular, B, Veggie 1, D. Veggie 2 C+
Good Stuff Eatery (Colletti’s Smokehouse Burger): A