Now that I’ve gotten back into the burger eating game, I’ve been trying to find new, interesting & off-beaten path burgers to check out around Philly. I remembered reading about Southgate‘s Bulgogi burger a while back so I figured I would add it into my rotation. Then, while checking out their menu online, I discovered that their brunch menu had a different burger – a deep-fried Katsu burger! If you’ve been a long-time reader, then you’ll know that a few years ago while I was in Seattle, I visited a place called Katsu Burger & it was amazing! So I rushed right out this weekend to check it out.

It took a long time for my burger to come out and with good reason – the patty was HUGE! I figured this was done to ensure that the meat was cooked all the way through. Sure enough, upon the first bite, the burger was cooked right between well to well done. There was still a little bit of juice dripping out so thankfully it wasn’t like eating a hockey puck. The breading seemed a little heavy and since the patty was so thick, it got this dark brown color from being in the fryer for so long making it look burnt.

The burgers in Seattle were a much thinner patty and therefore cooked faster, ensuring that the coating didn’t burn. And because it fried for so long & was so big, it filled me up very quickly. I could barely eat any of the red pepper flecked fries. I really wanted to like it more. I thought the concept and flavors were good, but the execution could have been better. I’m looking forward to coming back for dinner sometime to check out the (non-deep fried) Bulgogi burger soon.

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