When I first set out to find the best burger in Philadelphia in 2011, I never dreamed that I would have kept at it this long. But in recent months, it’s become harder & harder to try and come up with posting material. Not because I’ve grown tired of eating burgers, but simply because it seems that I’ve already eaten most of them!

After nearly four years and over 120 burgers in the Philadelphia area alone, I think my quest has finally come to an end. I’ve eaten some truly great burgers and someone I’d rather forget. I’ve covered a lot of ground in the surrounding suburbs of Montgomery County and South Jersey as well. I’ve even spanned the United States eating burgers in far-off places like Seattle and Nashville (I also covered burger ground in Chicago, Vegas, Louisville, Portland, NYC & Suburban Connecticut). I’ve even gone to some great burger-themed events and gorged myself silly. And it hasn’t just been your standard beef patty fare either – I spent two Marches eating nothing but veggie burgers, something I never thought I would enjoy but turned out to be a great adventure (and an exercise in self-control!).

Hopefully, this website was a great tool for those of you who used it, and please continue to direct other burger lovers/fanatics here in the future. I may post from time to time again, but no longer on a weekly basis. Please continue to use my burger rating list & the awesome Burger Google map I’ve created to assist you with your own burger journeys. You can also check out the Twitter feed for other fun & burger news.

So please don’t consider this goodbye; just ‘See ya later!

-Denise, A Side of Ketchup

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